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RAU University (Russian-American University) is a private for-profit higher education school first established in 1991. Recently we shaped a new platform that pools the resources of leading American schools to develop regional capabilities in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Eastern Europe and Middle Asia

We strongly believe that U.S. degrees and educational programs have a high potential to the Eastern Europe and Middle Asia markets. 70,000 students in this region are searching for high-quality education abroad annually. According to recent statistics, the number of Russian-speaking students applied to the US universities and colleges grew by 13 percent in 2017. Whether you’re a Language Centre, Business Training provider, College or University, we’d love to work with you. We will be happy to use our expertise to effectively promote your educational programs to our existing clients.

RAU University already has a strong customer base of prospective students, interested in obtaining U.S. and Canadian diplomas. We are continuously updating the clients’ database through various activities, including interviewing potential students and maintaining our digital footprint in social networks, media landscape, and on the Internet.

Corporate Partnership

Along with marketing functions, RAU University provides:

  • functions of qualified admissions authority;
  • English-speaking facilitators with the US/British diplomas, who will ensure the necessary pedagogical logistics for provided courses;
  • instant translation technology to create additional demand for non-credit courses;
  • service for the development of educational and knowledge management software

Should you be interested in partnership with us or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to Email or send a message through Online Chat. Our permanent representative in Boston, MA will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss the details.

We hope to receive your favorable response soon!

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